ABOUT highlands

The source

Highlands Mineral Water flows from ancient sandstone aquifer filters deep below the serene country town of Burrawang in New South Wales’ Southern Highlands – a purely pristine area, protected from mining and fracking. This region produces natural spring water with the richest mineral balance possible, at a level of purity only the passage of time can produce.

The water is bottled at the source immediately, preserving its natural purity when it reaches your table, sparkling or still. Clean, pure and protected from pollutants, Highlands Water is rated Excellent by World Health Organisation standards. It’s also completely natural, with no additives or artificial mineralisation.

The taste

The wonderfully pure, palate-cleansing taste and subtle mineral character of Highlands Mineral Water is the perfect compliment to fine foods and beverages.

Highlands Water has been acclaimed by the prestigious International Taste & Quality Institute, a body of Michelin starred chefs and sommeliers. As the first and only Australian water to win the Superior Taste Award or to receive three Gold Stars by the ITQI judging panel, Highlands Water is truly a world-class beverage.