Going local: 5 reasons to stock local products at your café

2.10.18 | Foodies, Fresh Produce, Health & Fitness

More and more restaurants and cafés across Australia are using fresh, locally and ethically sourced products. According to a study by Business Insider, Australians are increasingly wanting to know where their food comes from, how it’s was made and even who by. This suggests we are getting over processed, mass-produced food. Feeding the demand for locally-sourced food will probably benefit your pocket – but it’s not only about keeping up with consumers. The benefits of choosing local suppliers are endless, not only for your business, but the entire local economy and ecology. Not sure whether it’s worth switching to local products? Here are just five reasons to stock local products at your café:

1. Better produce

Anyone who’s ever eaten fruit fresh from the tree can attest how much better fresh produce tastes. Imported produce is a whole different story. The food often travels long distances to get to you. Often, it’s frozen and unfrozen a dozen times, roughed around, and coated in chemicals. Not only does this process reduce the taste and flavour of your food, but it also kills the nutrients. When your food is fresher and tastier, customers will keep coming back for more, which is why local is always better.

2. Support your local economy

When you buy a local product, your money remains in your local community. If you have the choice, why not support your local economy, instead of someone else’s? Having more wealth in your community doesn’t just benefit local farmers or businesses, the economic benefits find their way back to you. What goes around comes around: buying local products is an investment in the future of your community.

3. Protect the environment

Imported food often uses a lot of fuel and natural resources to be transported to you, whether it’s via truck, boat or plane across the ocean. Additionally, all the freezing and unfreezing used to keep it seeming ‘fresh’ also uses tons of electricity. The sooner the produce can be delivered to you from the farm, the more environmentally friendly it is, which is why local products tend to be more environmentally sustainable.

4. Boost your brand appeal

Australian consumers are becoming more and more socially conscious. They’re more likely to choose brands that align themselves with a social or environmental cause. Because buying local produce positively impacts local economies and can help the environment, it makes you look like a caring and compassionate business. Being portrayed in a favourable light will help you build a stronger and more loyal customer base, which is the mark of any good business.

5. Get creative

Having seasonal local produce available allows you to really step up your creativity game – customers will never get bored with your menu because it’s always changing, offering a new and exciting twist on the food every time they sit down. Plus, knowing that their meal has been specially crafted to accommodate seasonal, fresh produce will make their dining experience all the more memorable.

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Photo sourced from Fancy Crave