How to maximise the health benefits of drinking water

3.08.18 | Health & Fitness, Mineral Water

Water is the essence of life on earth. Our bodies are made up of about 60% of it and more than 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in it. The human body can survive for weeks without food, but only a few days without water. The water we put into our body clearly has a large impact on our health – so why are people so concerned about what they eat, but not the water they drink? Some people will only consume organic, local produce, but will happily drink unfiltered water without question. Different kinds of water affect the human body in different ways. Here are three important health considerations to think about when maximising the health benefits of your drinking water:

1. Mineral balance

The minerals we consume from drinking water form the basis of every bodily function – from digestion to circulation, temperature control and waste. However, not all H2o is created equal, especially when it comes to nutrients. For example, mineral water, which is obtained from natural springs under the earth, contains far more calcium and magnesium than tap water, which is delivered through a system of pipes, pumps and purification treatments. These minerals contribute to stronger bones, nails, teeth and hair. They can lower blood pressure and even improve mental function, offering a big boost to your daily health regiment.

2. Pollutant levels

We’re lucky to have drinkable water straight from the tap in Australia. However, tap water is not 100% bacteria and chemical-free, and the purity of water varies significantly across the country. Some waters can have lots of nasty additives that not only taste bad, but can also throw off the mineral balance in your body. Some pollutants found in everyday drinking water include industrial runoff, aluminium, disinfectant agents like chlorine, and a range of different pesticides. Plus, because water comes from the clouds, it can be affected by air contamination, especially in areas with lots of industrial pollution.

3. Quantity of consumption

Drinking good quality water is one thing, but drinking enough of it is another one entirely. Even if you’re drinking water with the best mineral balance in the world, you’ll still need to consume enough of it to enjoy the health benefits. Adults should drink roughly two litres of water per day – that’s roughly 10 glasses – any less and you’ll be dehydrated, which slows down your brain processes, causing you to be tired and sluggish. However, drinking too much water can also be harmful, so be sure to strike a healthy balance. Not sure if you’re getting enough water? Try carbonated water – the fizzy texture can add a splash of fun, or, add a dash of lemon to still water for an extra burst of flavour.

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Photo sourced from Luis Tosta